Ready to trade in your current body for a newer model?

Eat & Sleep Your Way

To Better Health

with 7 simple daily habits that reboot your mind and body!

What time is it, when you start to feel truly awake?

Like your body is actually working at peak performance and your mind is firing on all cylinders?

It didn’t used to be this bad, am I right?

Heal Your Happy Email Course
a photo of a woman rubbing her temples because work has stressed her out so much. She's pictured sitting on the edge of her bed representing poor sleep, sleep problems, stress, and feeling exhausted, overworked, and burnt out.


How many of these sound familiar?

  • You wake up when the alarm goes off and you hit the snooze button because deep down you don’t want to get up and go to work

  • You drag yourself out of bed because otherwise you’d be looking for a new job but it’s like fighting gravity trying to get to the coffee maker

  • You go through the routine of heating up your first cup which is all your brain is capable of at this time of day

And we write it off as just part of getting older, or all the stress from work, or this bizarre year we’re having, pushing us to our limits.

I promise I’m not making fun of you.

That was my everyday normal too. But not anymore.

We’ve been brainwashed into thinking that pain, exhaustion, and working ourselves into an early death is “normal.”

It’s not.

Sure, it may be what our parents did, and what their parents before them did.

But, today science knows so much more about the human body and what it can do.

Today we have the tools to feel amazing at every age.

The first time a Doctor told me I wouldn’t see my next birthday, I was 15 years old.

(I sure showed him!)

That experience taught me that health was the most important thing in the world.

Without health, it doesn’t matter how much money you have or how brilliant your kids are!

But back then, solutions were pretty limited.

So I spent decades struggling with gout, digestive issues, and anger management.

Stress was a badge of honor we wore back then, to show how hard we worked!

Not anymore. We know better now.

We know that happy people are more productive.

We know that sleep is the key to stress management.

We now know that when our body performs well, our mind performs well.

photo of a man and woman cooking together, showing healthy food choices and they both look very happy and healthy and enjoying their time together

repairing the body

is the key to doing better at work and feeling happier at home.

And it doesn’t take a difficult diet or expensive medical treatments.

Even low levels of stress can lead to exhaustion, muscle pain and digestive woes. The imbalances in our body caused by stress can lead to mood swings, short tempers, and relationship problems.

photo of a young woman waking up looking refreshed and happy after sleeping well and getting quality sleep so she can enjoy her day with excitement

Reducing stress and sleeping better

helps your body operate at peak performance.

You feel stronger, happier, and more energetic. Problems at work seem easier. Laughter at home becomes more frequent.

And doesn’t everyone deserve at least that much?

photo of a man and woman looking at a travel map together and smiling as they enjoy their vacation, possibly retirement because they feel younger, feel healthy, and are able to enjoy life to the fullest

feel younger AND Live better

Everyone deserves this choice!

Everyone deserves to know that stress, sleep problems, and reduced brain power are not part of the ageing process or just the state of the world right now. They’re a choice.

And I want everyone to know it’s not their only choice.

Everyone deserves to do better at work, feel happier at home, wake up feeling refreshed, and feel excited about life!

Anything less is a nutritional imbalance, not a fact of life.

You can choose a happy, healthy, and active life with our

Heal Your Happy Email Course

The simple daily habits that turn a meh life into a YEAH life!

For the young-at-heart adult who wants another chance at feeling young and healthy so you can have fun after 5pm (without regretting it later).

Consider this your recipe for all day energy without hitting the gym or hating your lunches!

Join us on a 7-day adventure

to train your mind and body


Small Daily Habits

Create small daily habits

that you actually stick to and

stop needing new clothes

because your body keeps changing.


Eat Foods You Love

Enjoy all your favorite treats

because they no longer upset your tummy

or give you embarrassing gas.


Enjoy Your Time Off

Enjoy wandering around malls,

theme parks, and sports arenas

without constantly having to

stay close to the toilet or

finding a bench to rest on.


Boost Your Success

Teach your brain to support your goals

so you can stop the self-sabotage

and retire early.


More Energy

Build mental, physical, and

emotional resilience so you

don’t feel exhausted, depressed,

and twenty years older than your actual age


Wake Up Refreshed

Get plenty of sleep so that you can

perform well at work and

spend your weekends having fun

(not catching up on tasks you couldn’t get done).

Enjoy unlimited energy to play with your kids, grandkids (and even great-grandkids) so they too can learn that age is just a number and not a state of being.


Daily habits are the key to lasting results.

Healthy Habit 1: Keep It Simple

Exercising for 5 minutes each day is better than exercising for 30 minutes once a week. And much easier as well.

Set yourself up for success by learning how to create daily habits that really move the needle.

Come away with the #1 most important tip for getting results from any wellness solution you try.


Healthy Habit 2: The Feel Good Chemicals

When our body has a healthy balance of feel-good chemicals, we enjoy life.

We feel happy and content.

We have the mental performance to do well at work.

We sleep well and feel refreshed in the morning.

When our body has an unhealthy balance of these chemicals, we experience the negative side of these feelings such as anxiety, depression, frustration, anger, self-doubt, unworthiness, confusion, and forgetfulness.

Discover which neurotransmitters are in charge of which areas of your life and how to get the right mixture for the way you want to feel.

Come away with a simple exercise that anyone can do, that will help you get a clear picture of whether your body needs more help producing the right chemicals or more help transporting them to where they need to go.


Healthy Habit 3: Fix The Leaks

If you feel sluggish, have trouble concentrating, feel bored or anxious even when things are going right, it’s possible that your neurotransmitters are getting lost before they reach their destination.

Which means no amount of exercise, vacations, massages, meditation, or chocolate is going to make you feel better.

Discover how to heal the channels that transmit your feel-good chemicals so you don’t have to work so hard to feel happy, motivated, and energetic.

Come away with a clear understanding of why all the other diets, exercises, gym passes, yoga pants, and pep talks didn’t work.

And get a list of foods and supplements that help you fix the leaks so you get more out of every ounce of effort you put into your health

Enjoy the foods you love in a whole new way

Healthy Habit 4: Diets Don’t Work

The meat and potatoes diet we grew up on is a huge part of why we experience pain, weight gain, and inflammation in our body. But you don’t have to give up your favorite foods. Sometimes just eating them in a different order is all it takes!

Eating meat and potatoes in 2 separate meals instead of together can dramatically reduce gut distress, mood swings, and sleepless nights.

Yes, it really CAN be that simple!

Come away with your own food combo chart that shows which pairings hurt and which